What products do PinkyBlu face painters use ?

We only use professional, water based face paints which have passed EU and US regulations and are approved for use on skin.

We use a vast range of matt, metallic and pearlised face paints and specialist polyester glitter gels and powders which are safe for use on the face.


Is Face Painting safe for children’s skin?

Anyone can be allergic to certain things – so just as some people may be allergic to strawberries, they are perfectly safe for others to eat.  In the same way a very small minority of people may have a reaction to one or more of the ingredients in the face painting products we use. It is advisable therefore to tell the face painter if it is a child (or adult’s!) “first time” and a patch test can be done – or a small cheek design to test the skin’s general reaction to the face paint.

If a person is prone to eczema it doesn’t necessarily mean they will have a reaction to the paint and they can have a patch test done in the same way.  It’s not advisable to paint over skin that is suffering from a flare up though, mostly because the skin there will probably be very dry and will absorb the pigment too much and make it difficult to wash off.


Is there anyone you can’t face paint?

We can’t face paint anyone with a skin rash, open cut, cold sore, recent chicken pox scars or eye infection.  We can’t face paint children under 2 years old and always suggest a small cheek design for the 2-3 year olds.


How do I wash the face paint off?

Ordinary soap and water is the best option.  If a child is not allergic to baby wipes then remove most of the face paint with these and then the rest with a warm soapy flannel.

On very dry skin there may be occasional staining from some strong colours, but this will gradually fade, so don’t scrub too hard to try and remove it!


What happens if face paint gets on clothing?

Face paint can usually be removed by a cold soak followed by washing to the directions on the garment.


What designs do you face paint?

Our list truly is endless.  Favourites of course include Lions & Tigers, Princesses and Monsters, Superheroes and Animals, Witches and Dracula, Fairies and Butterflies.

Themes we have been asked to design for include, Jungle, Wild West, Space, Environmental, Oriental, Carnival, Pirates, Football, Tropical, Peter Pan, The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe, Midsummer Nights Dream, and of course Halloween, Christmas, Easter………….


How long does each design take?

When we’re working with a queue of children most designs take roughly 5 minutes to complete each face paint, depending on how well the child sits still !


What are your fees?

Fees depend very much on the type of booking – eg Birthday Party or Store Opening, Shopping Centre promotion or Corporate Fun Day – the length of booking (usually 2 hours for a face painting party and 5 hours for a Corporate Booking) and distance we are required to travel.

Call or email Margaret for a quote.


How far do you travel?

UK wide for corporate and retail clients, dependant on the fee.

Within 20 miles for private parties.


How many Face Painters do I need?

For Birthday parties it depends how many children you want to face paint and how long the party is.  Up to 24 children can be face painted during a 2 hour party just by one face painter.

For Shopping Centres, Store Promotions and Corporate Fun Days it’s advisable to have at least 2 face painters– more for busy events.  It all depends on your budget of course but Face Painting is very popular and in order to face paint as many children as possible and keep the queue happy and flowing fairly quickly it’s sensible to have a minimum of 2. We have provided up to 12 face painters for a single booking.

Placing 2 face painters next to each other ensures continual running of the activity as the face painters work with one queue between them and take separate breaks.


Do they come self-contained?

Our face painters provide all their own products and equipment and can even bring their own water with them !.

Although they can bring their own table and chairs with them it’s always helpful if it’s possible for the client to provide these so the face painters don’t have quite so much to carry from the car.

They will of course need access to free parking facilities, which should be as near the performance space as possible.

If the booking is in Central London, or has no parking available then the face painters will travel by public transport and in this case a table and 2 x chairs must be provided for each face painter.


Are your face painters insured?

Yes. All the face painters used by PinkyBlu have their own individual Public Liability Insurance


Do your face painter have a CRB check?

Yes. Margaret and Holly have enhanced CRB checks.

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