Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoos or Mehndi as they are sometimes referred to are very popular at fetes and festivals, at parties and multi-cultural events.  The use of henna on the skin derives from the ancient traditional practice of applying decoration for special occasions which appears in many cultures throughout the world from India and Pakistan to the Middle East and Africa, with each culture having developed a different style of design.

Using high quality, 100% natural Henna, made from dried and powdered Henna leaves and essential oils such as Lavender and Cajput we apply patterns influenced by traditional designs from India, Turkey and the Middle East together with contemporary ideas for a unique added twist.

Once the henna paste is applied it takes from 30 minutes to an hour to dry and the resulting orange stain on the skin darkens over the next 48 hours to a rich brown colour which then lasts 2-3 weeks.


N.B. Black Henna Warning

We only use high quality products and never apply “Black Henna”.  The so called black “henna” actually does not contain henna at all but instead a cocktail of chemicals which can cause burning and even long term scarring of the skin.  These products are popular during the holiday season at home and abroad as the resultant black colour is preferable to some people but BEWARE – anyone selling or applying Black Henna is putting you at risk!!



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