Meet Our Face Painters

Who are PinkyBlu?

Margaret Lincoln

PinkyBlu’s main Face Painters are Margaret Lincoln & Holly Sims

When you book PinkyBlu the Face Painters sent will usually be Margaret and/or Holly.  If you book more than 2 face painters, or if Margaret & Holly are not available PinkyBlu will call on artists from a network of Face Painters, all of whom will have the same high safety and hygiene standards and comparable artistic abilities.


margaret Margaret Lincoln from PinkyBlu has painted hundreds of thousands of faces since she first picked up a brush in 1993.  A founder member of FACE, The Face Painting Association, she is recognised as being instrumental in setting a benchmark for UK Face Painting right from the start.

“Educating the public to see Face Painting as a safe, fun activity for children and a desirable marketing tool for the corporate and retail sector was a bit of an uphill struggle at the beginning.  Clients expected to see the very basic form of Face Painting they had witnessed at their own child’s school fête, which was a world away from the professional service we were providing”

Margaret’s artistic flair, faultless technique and original designs quickly put her in a class of her own.  A winner of many awards including the annual Face Painter of The Year Competition an amazing four times, she has also been chosen to judge many competitions and perform many demonstrations nationwide for her peers.

“The standard of Face Painting has improved more than I ever imagined it would and keeping pace with it has been a challenge and a pleasure.  I am privileged to have been a part of that and continue to be inspired to produce original designs, both for personal projects and as requested by clients to promote their event themes or corporate identity”

Professional Face Painters today are accepted as having a legitimate place in the world of Corporate Entertainment and are recognised crowd-pullers used extensively for all types of store launches, promotions and events where the public are only too happy to queue to see their children transformed into their favourite make-believe characters, animals and scenes to compliment the theme of any event or season.

Margaret has appeared on both live TV and recorded programmes, she can produce camera ready artwork or live demonstrations where required and has had her own book of children’s Face Painting published.

 “At the end of the day children are a Face Painter’s harshest critics and watching a child’s face light up as they see themselves in the mirror still gives me the most fantastic buzz!”


Holly Sims Holly Sims has been face painting for PinkyBlu for 15 years.  Having caught the face painting bug from the “other side of the brush”, as a model, she has experienced what it’s like to sit patiently whilst new designs were developed and perfected using her as the willing victim!

“Children have amazing imaginations! Whilst I have hundreds of face painting designs in my head that I can paint in my sleep – I love the challenge of interpreting a child’s ideas in the design I paint.  When they sit on the chair and ask for a green rabbit with a flower behind its ear, or a giraffe with blue spots – or a teapot with a smiley face – it’s a fun, interactive experience for us both!”

Having funded her own way through University and gained an honours degree in Illustration, Holly’s usual canvas is rather different to skin!  With an excellent eye for colour and fresh design ideas she has blended into PinkyBlu with ease and become a favourite with the very youngest children.

“I like to tell stories about the characters I’m painting and it helps to keep the child still whilst I’m working. Some of my favourite designs have come from children’s strange requests!  As a Face Painter no two jobs are ever the same.  The designs we paint can be influenced by the seasons, or by the colour a child is wearing, or by what film or T.V characters are popular at the time.”



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